About Us

NSFX Ltd. was founded by a group of professionals in the financial industry with a clear vision of creating a regulated online trading brokerage that would provide investment services to all types of traders and institutions, globally. The company's technological infrastructure was built with a deep understanding of trader’s ongoing needs. Combined with strong connections within the banking system and with liquidity providers, NSFX Ltd. offers one of the best trading experiences in the market today.

Global Operations

NSFX Ltd. is a Maltese regulated investment services provider that operates under European and Maltese regulations. NSFX Ltd. services the English, French, German, Italian, and Arabic speaking markets. NSFX Ltd. is an innovative broker with a global posture. Feel free to contact us to see if we can service your investment needs. As NSFX moves forward our top tier technologies, offerings and services will always follow suit.

Our Technology

NSFX Ltd. is proud of its innovative approach to trading and should be:
NSFX Ltd.’s approach to technology can be put quite simply ‘innovation”. Innovation is incorporated into every design and system NSFX Ltd. produces, with the intention of creating the most optimal, intuitive products possible. NSFX Ltd. has developed an impeccable data safety infrastructure, advanced solutions and functions that put our clients trading experience at the forefront.

The NSFX principal technological motto is that: "Our client's investments shouldn't be limited or affected by a technological constraint outside of their control or desire"

Please review Our Technology page to understand in greater detail how NSFX Ltd. Technologies work.

Safety Of Funds

NFSX Ltd. holds Category 3 Investment Services License issued by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). As a regulated financial entity, NSFX Ltd. is obliged to submit monthly reports to ensure full compliance with European norms in terms of capital adequacy ratios. Client funds are held separately from NSFX's own funds. Malta has legislated on matters concerning anti money laundering and funding of terrorism back in September 1994. NSFX Ltd., as a Maltese financial institution, is subject to Maltese law and all applicable regulations and adheres to comply with them.

In light of these facts, NSFX Ltd. holds itself to high financial standards in compliance and adherence to the guidelines and regulations As such NSFX offers its clients access to all relevant financial statistics and information that clients may need.

Our Vision

Our statement anchors NFSX Ltd. and formalizes our company’s goals, principles and values for our clients, employees, Senior Management, and our Board.

Mission Statement: NSFX Ltd. aspires to revolutionize the on-line trading industry by empowering traders through facilitating advanced innovative, technological solutions and platforms. NSFX Ltd. believes the best approach to this statement is through the establishment of 3 Pillars. The 3 Pillar Concept is built on the idea that successful trading stems from providing Innovative Trading Platforms, Innovative Trading Tools, & Excellent Trading Conditions.

Use of logos of any financial regulator or authority does not signify endorsement or approval by such authority of the products or services offered by NSFX.