Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Questions

Affiliate Program

What is NSFX Partners Program ?
Why become a Forex affiliate/ IB ?
What types of partnership does NSFX offer?
Who can become an affiliate partner?
Do I have to own a company to become a NSFX Affiliate /IB?
Are there any fees to join the NSFX Partner program ?
Must I be experienced in forex if I am an affiliate partner?
Do you provide support to an affiliate working offline?
What are my options if I feel uncomfortable with providing my payment information?
What if I do not have my payment information as I sign up?
I’m already an NSFX customer, can I become an affiliate / IB?
How many people can I bring with the "refer a friend" program?
Will there be support and assistance available once I sign up?
Can I add my real trading account or my relatives under my affiliate link?
Can I conduct trading operations on my affiliate / IB account?
How long is an affiliate link active?
How do I generate my multi-tier partner link (sub-partner)?
What is the duration of the cookie?

How To

How can I register to become a partner of NSFX Partner Program?
How to activate your Affiliate account?
How do I change my password, payment information and account details?
Where can I send my questions, comments and suggestions?


What marketing tools do you provide?
Where can I get the NSFX banners and how do I display these banners?
How can you help me promote on my website/blog?
Can I alter the NSFX & brand logos and content on my website without prior permission?
How will you know that the clients came from my site?
How does the affiliate link work?
How can I optimize my campaign?
What incentive can I give a client for him to sign up through an affiliate rather than by signing up directly?


Does NSFX Affiliates offer reporting tools?
What incentive can I give a client for him to sign up through an affiliate rather than by signing up directly?
How often are the reports updated?
Can I review the list of clients introduced by me?


Which Commissions structures are available?
How does the commission structure work?
What is CPA?
What is Revenue Share?
How can I monitor the commissions on my affiliate account?
Can my commissions be negative?
I have many websites and want to track the revenue from the sites separately. How do I do this?


How do I change my payment method?
How can I withdraw my earnings?
What is minimum payout amount?
When are the affiliate commissions paid?
Do I pay processing fees associated with my commission payments?
What if I did not receive my commission?

Introducing Broker (IB)

Introducing Broker (IB)

What is an IB?
Why become a Forex IB ?
Are there any restrictions for IBs?
Are IBs employees of NSFX or NSFX Partners?
Can IBs trade on behalf of their customers?
How can I manage my IB business by working with NSFX ?
Do I need to be registered with a financial regulator to become an IB?
Can a client open up an additional account under a new IB group?
Can an existing NSFX client switch to my IB group?
Can I get a percentage of the amount my client loses?
Do you offer a Sub IB structure if I refer other IBs?
Do you provide promotional material for me?
Does NSFX promote our educational/training service?

Money Manager

Money Manager

How can I or my company become a registered Money Manager with NSFX?
Do I or my company need to be regulated to become a registered Money Manager with NSFX?
What Commission or /and fee can I charge my client?
How does NSFX pay fees and/or commission?
Can NSFX accommodate the payment and calculations of the fees I charge for managing accounts?
How long does it take to open an Agent account?
As a Money Manager for my clients’ accounts, do I have the right to withdraw the funds on behalf of the clients?
Who is responsible for collecting the client’s documents and for opening the accounts?
Will my client have access to their trading account under my management?
Can my client trade on the account when I am trading?
Can I be an IB and a Money Manager?
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