How It Works


Affiliation is a form of a marketing program where a person or persons refers other people to our business for in which you receive financial compensation.

Each time a potential client clicks on one of your affiliated links or creative materials provided by us he will be redirected to the NSFX trader website, where he is able to register a Real or Demo account and download the NSFX MT4 platform.

Our affiliate program will be able to track your referred link and this way is able to track all activity made by the client within our systems (in accordance with your commission plan) will be remunerated into your account.

The live interface will also give you the ability to monitor a variety reports such as the number of clicks of your referred link, so as to enable you to have an clear understanding of the effectiveness of your activity. the data displayed through the Dashboard interface is in real time and is updated live.

Process In Steps

    • Campaign
    • Open a campaign by pressing the green button on the left top side of the menu bar. Name the campaign and choose a default commission plan for that campaign. As a partner, you have a few options to select from (For additional options contact your account manager).
    • Setup
    • Following that, you will be transferred to the designated campaign page where you are able to add the creative to that particular campaign. You are able to add as many creative and of different kinds as you think you might need for this campaign.
    • Variety
    • Keep in mind that it would be wise to make for different sites or even for different inner pages different campaigns so you have in the reporting a better view from where the traffic from within your site is redirected.
    • Website
    • The moment this is done you can take the code and place this on your website. The information displayed under this campaign in the reports is real time and you are able to see how much you are earning. You can make new campaigns whenever the need requires or disable an campaign you no longer need.
    • Tutorials
    • There are numerous tutorials that will show you how each individual process works in our tutorial section. Please take a look and if you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to contact your account manager
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